VIP Parking

npm10011 Adam Jay & Angel Alanis "VIP Parking"Available now, exclusively on Beatport. Adam Jay and Angel Alanis are names synonymous with quality dance music. In the last few years, Adam has blazed a trail through the techno world with numerous and frequent releases on tastemaker labels such as Monoid, Pulse, Thoughtless Music, Stereophonic, and Subsensory.

Preceded by solid releases on legendary labels such as Tresor, Impact Mechanics, Tronic, and Subspace, Angel Alanis needs no introduction as one of Chicagoʼs driving forces of choice techno and house.

VIP Parking is built on a solid foundation of classic techno sounds, with a distinct house influence. The deep driving kick anchors a funky groove of tight, digital percussion. Icy cold strings sweep over the track, and warm chords bring the house flavor into the production. Angelʼs signature analog mix gives the track a saturated, dense texture. VIP Parking is 2011ʼs must-have dancefloor tool – combining an insistent groove with a sparse arrangement, and top-notch production.

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Adam Jay & Angel Alanis – VIP Parking by Nude Photo Music

The Remixes

We were lucky to receive several excellent mixes, and decided to include them all in the release! Nude Photo Music label head Audioelectronic delivers another dub-influenced reinvention, taking the track deeper into the house territory. Jon Gillham reinvents the track and himself with the Random Pattern Mix – a deep and driving slice of mainroom techno. Talented Portland producer Patrick Anthony Frye returns under his Centrikal guise and pushes the track further into the techno realm by rebuilding the rhythms, and deconstructing the house elements into something ominous and abstract. British DJ Andy Cessford – aka Loop Corporation, a newcomer to the label, debuts with an upbeat tracky techno workout with percolating bass and shuffling percussion. Jeremy Cohen, aka Dj Dumbstruck closes out the release with a stripped- down minimal mix that injects space into the mix, but keeps the energy up and showcases his own talent for understated micro-grooves.

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