The Day After

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This has been a long-anticipated release! Slated to be the second release on our label back in February of this year, we had to delay the release due to schedule conflicts with some of the remixers. But we wanted to bring out something really special – and it was worth the wait!

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The original track is a dark and brooding electro thriller – no surprise it was produced by one of the originators of the San Francisco Electro scene in the late 90s & early 2000s! Rafael Zevallos-Crowe, aka Gold Code delivers a classic sounding track with heavy 808 kicks, driving bass, and low-flying atmospherics that will take a place in many mixes and dj sets.

The remixes cover broad ground in styles – and we are very lucky to have landed some top remixers for this release! Jonah Sharp – aka Space Time Continuum is a legendary and respected artist whose career spans almost 20 years. He’s delivered an epic atmospheric techno reinvention produced entirely with classic analog hardware.

Electro legend Jon Drukman of Bass Kittens fame took a break from working with Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto to deliver a murky breakbeat and bass treatment that takes the track in an unexpected direction.

Closing out the release are Nude Photo Music residents Chris Firenze and Audielectronic. Chris Firenze returns with another techno stomper, that turns the original menacing electro track into a driving techno workout. Audioelectronic closes out the release with another deep and dubby tech house interpretation, which takes the melodies and bass of the original, transposes them down an octave, and turns them into a low-slung and mix friendly track.

Reviews & Feedback

“NICE TECHY GROOVES – WILL PLAY!”Orde Meikle, Soma Records

“Jonah’s mix is FIRE! I like the Audioelectronic mix as well”Alland Byallo, Nightlight Music, Poker Flat

“Audioelectronic Mix is very nice … some evocative and spacious moments within. Thanks for it.”Q-Burns Abstract Message, Eight Tracks

“Gorgeous Detroit-flavored electro and dub treatments! Lovely!”Deepchild (Rick Bull), Trapez, Resopal Schallware

“audioelectronic mix and the jonah sharp mixes win here… thank you!” Lee Holman, Nightvision Records, Ferox Records

“Jonah’s mix is nice and deep, thanks!”Noah Pred, Thoughtless Music

“outstanding. best remix pack i’ve heard in ages. love the original. its perfectly retro. and audioelectronics remix is smooooooth. jonah’s is deep. like the acid at the end. basskittens is fun too. love hearing breaks. its been so long good ones did anything.”Chloe Harris, Proton Radio, Bedrock

“Great Release! 5/5″Jonra Babiracki

“damn this is good!! great old school electro style, will play for sure… the original one for me.”Soundspace, Blaq Records

“the original is the fav on there, good old school electro. chris firenze’s mix will make for some cool tools as well..thanks”Vangelis/Vidal Vargas, Droid Recordings

“original is ace!!! lovin this electro vibes, big fans of that whole SF electro sound from the early 90′s and Joanh Sharp is one of our hereos, thanks a lt for sending this beautiful release, full support!”Signal Deluxe, Blaq Records

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