Good To See You

Dj Caltrop - Good To See You

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Christoph Caominh, aka Dj Caltrop continues to release excellent music on Nude Photo Music. “Good To See You” draws heavily from Caltrop’s influences – Italo, Synthpop, Kraftwerk, Moroder – but manages to put it all together in something that sounds new and relevant.

From sweeping resonant strings, Juno squelches, and a solid analog bass, the driving rhythms coupled with lush melodies make this track suitable for the ipod as well as the dancefloor.

Ryan Bishop – aka The Beat Broker follows up the original, slows the tempo down and brings a tropical Miami Vice vibe with gated reverb toms, funky disco percussion, and even more layers of lush analog synths with his “Caltropical” remix. Dumbstruck – aka Jeremy Cohen, SubSensory Recordings remixer and top Portland underground DJ, strips the track down into a secret DJ weapon with percussive stabs, a massive kick, and dry, driving percussion. John Friend – Citymouse from San Francisco, supports with a spacious, melancholy cut that drops a massive resonant bassline straight out of underground raves from the early 90s. And closing out the release is a remix that nods in the direction of classic techno sounds from the past, and mixes it with a dash of the present minimal influence from Bay Area techno maverick Andy W – Mutor Soundsystem.

Good To See You – Caltrop by Nude Photo Music

The original mix is featured as a MP3 download on!

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