More Prizes!

The response to the Darin Marshall Monument Remix Contest has been exceedingly positive! We’ve had a few tracks uploaded to the Soundcloud Group, and we’re excited to see a few more popping up here and there.

We’re also excited to announce that Audio Damage has joined in sponsoring our remix contest! The grand prize winner will receive their choice of one each instrument and effect plugins. The second place winner will receive their choice of one plugin.

Contest submissions are open until June 8th, so if you registered, but have not submitted a remix, you still have time!

Tips for the contest:

  • Site registration is required for contest entry. But if you’re getting this email, you’ve already registered for the site!
  • Make sure you submit your remix to the Soundcloud Group. Please disable downloads when you upload your remix!
  • Once submissions are closed – voting will begin, and you’ll have much better chances of winning if you promote the remix to your friends on Facebook and other social networks!
  • Contact us by email at if you need help or have questions!

We’re excited to have you onboard, and get those remixes in!

How To Target Facebook Events by City

I like to connect with people all over the world using facebook, so I can see what they are doing in their area, talk about music etc, and have ideas for what to do when I travel. But a lot of people just use FB as a tool to spam events – especially club events.

If you’re a Dj/Artist/Promoter – don’t piss potential fans off in other areas by sending them invites to your local events. It doesn’t make you look good, and it just clutters up people’s event lists – so you’re in effect training everyone to IGNORE the events on facebook!

It’s really easy to selectively target your event invites to people that are local to you. That means, the chances of them going to your event are higher that 0%! Just follow along with the steps in this how-to post.

Start here. You already know how this button works.

Click on the select guests button. Like you normally do – and you might have noticed that Facebook recently removed the “select all” button. And don’t use the javascript that’s floating around – that’s just being a jerk.

Click on “search by name” – it’s actually a pulldown menu.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will see. The menu lists your city, the cities your friends live in, your friend groups (which you should set up), and the groups you are a member of.

Select YOUR city in the pulldown menu.

Boom! These people actually live close to your event, and may actually want to go!