Originally from Newcastle, London resident Jobe became interested in electronic music at the age of 22. With the purchase of his first set of turntables, Jobe began to develop his mixing skills – first with commercial house, then with more diverse genres. It wasnt long before he was DJing regularly, warming up for the likes of DJ Craze, Plump DJs and Scratch Perverts. His mixes range from bass driven dubstep, liquid drum & bass, experimental hip-hop, and his biggest loves, deep/tech house and electronica.

Starting in 2009, he began working with Propellerheads Reason. Drawing inspiration from his far-ranging musical interests, Jobe quickly reached a level that most beginning producers reach only after years of effort.

His first release – “Deeply Agnostic” – is planned for July 2010 on Nude Photo Music.

Dj Jobe’s Blog
Jobe on Souncloud

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