Gold Code

Gold Code

Raf Zevallos, aka Gold Code has been a staple of the underground dance music scene since the mid 90s. Under the DJ name “Raf_One”, he played his first warehouse rave in 96′ and graduated a couple years later to residencies at some of San Francisco’s most infamous house, techno and electro parties such as Mainframe, UP, Vehicle, Impulse, Tokyo Electric, Activ and FreeRange.

After 14 years on the decks, Raf’s tastes and repertoire continue to evolve, with his sets embracing the full gamut of techno, house, electrofunk and disco.

In 2007, Raf founded Gold Code, a music blog covering past, present and future classics as well as featuring exclusive edits and mixes. In 2009, Raf decided to focus on production once again, and redefined himself by adopting the Gold Code artist name. Gold Code made a strong debut at the celebrated “As You Like It” parties, performing a well-received live set at San Francisco’s Compound, followed by taking the dance floor by storm at the Nude Photo Music Music for Dancers & Lovers party in Portland, Oregon.

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