Faith In Bass

All experiments are born out of the need to solve a problem. Oftentimes striving to achieve nothing less than the impossible. Faith in Bass is one such project. A foundation built with one purpose: the redefinition of Classic.

Ground in tradition with the acknowledgement of a future built by technology, the result of this research speaks for itself: ethereal atmospheric feelings and timeless moments of hope resonating deep below the surface.

Chelsea Faith and James Bass are Faith In Bass. The duo formed in 2008, while living in Berlin. A classically- trained musician, Chelsea turned to electronics as a teenager. Firmly established as a techno/house live p.a. under her C. Faith moniker, Chelsea is also the producer behind San Francisco-based electronic disco project Easystreet, and a resident at techno monthly “Pulse Generator” at the 222 club.

James is a robotics engineer, dance musicologist, and DJ – drawing inspiration primarily from the soulful sounds of Detroit. Both currently reside in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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