Darin Marshall

Darin MarshallDarin Marshall, founder of the influential electronic label Belief Systems Recordings and Belief Systems artist Mantic on Magnatune.com joins the roster at Nude Photo Music!

Growing up in San Diego, Darin was immersed in the early electronic sounds of Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, and NIN and was first exposed to Acid House in the late 80s. This early exposure through the record stores and clubs of San Diego, combined with an interest in electronic music production, led Darin to move to the Bay Area in 1990 and take a job at Opcode Systems, a pioneering technology company responsible for many advances in the music production realm.

In the Bay Area, Darin pursued his passion for electronic dance music and began DJing in the energetic clubs and underground parties of the early 90′s in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

In 1995, Darin Marshall and Graeme LaPaix released The Nocturnal EP as The Robbers of Antiquity, launching Belief Systems as a record label along with it, and introduced a sound they would continue to refine with the follow up release on Mixman Records, “Phosphene Dream”. Later, prolific Florida-based DJ and producer Noel Sanger remixed and re-released the original version of “Frequency Puzzle” from the Robbers of Antiquity Nocturnal EP on Washington DC’s Music Now Records in 2001.

Belief Systems Recordings continued to define its unique sound contributing a unique California twist to the minimal techno and IDM genres with the Swivel EP release. This groundbreaking release featured Seth “Sutekh” Horvitz, Erin Krasovich and one song by Darin Marshall as himself called “BeatBox.” Belief Systems went on to help launch Warp recording artist Stewart Walker, with the 12″ pressing of the Jetfuel and Longing EP on Belief Systems Recordings.

As a follow up to the Swivel EP, Darin wrote and produced his first official 12″ release of an electro cut under the pseudonym Ibid – “Prolix” on the Exact Science SF Bass Volume 1 Compilation. Continuing to push the electro sound, Darin collaborated with Vic Shukla as DiViD, remixing “Abstract Power” by San Francisco’s electro stalwarts Cybrid in 2004.

Darin also co-wrote and co-produced several releases and singles with Jon Williams of Organised Noise under the name User, before moving on to produce the digital albums EPROMs and Eponyms, currently available on Magnatune.com.

Darin Marshall’s forthcoming third release on Magnatune.com Epigrams brings together a selection of remastered classic tracks never before available in digital format. Darin is also releasing updated versions of his previous Magnatune collections, featuring remastered productions of all the original cuts and additional bonus tracks for each album. All re-releases include new artwork featuring Darin Marshall’s own photography and artwork designs.

Darin continues to tweek his unique musical alchemy techniques within the cavernous walls of the Vulcan Foundry Studios, an artist live/work space in East Oakland’s Fruitvale district.

Photography by Benjy Feen

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