CaltropThe Bay Area’s Christoph Caominh – aka Caltrop – is a German transplant originally from Munich. Growing up on synth pop and radio jingles from the 80s, he later discovered he’d been listening to the music of Alan Parson Project, Jean Michel-Jarre, Kraftwerk, and Moroder.

The explosion of techno originators LFO and 808 State landed on the European charts launched Christoph on a journey to learn more about the “pioneers of the hypnotic grooves”. Armed with an early PC and the legendary Fast Tracker II, Christoph began his musical journey.

In 2000, Christoph released “Manta Romantix” on the “Sid Musique” compilation from Erkrankung Durch Musique, the label run by Munich’s cult art and music promoter Dottore Mooner of Zombie Nation fame.

From 2001 on, he made a name for himself in the Bay Area’s electronic underground for his DJ Sets, which combine diverse sounds ranging from Detroit Techno, Chicago Acid, Disco, and long-forgotten Italo and Synthpop classics.

As a resident of classic San Francisco Electro Clubs Tokyo Electric and Club Activ, Christoph further developed his dj skills and became known as a tastemaker of the highest caliber.

For their “Supreme Master” EP on Tigerbeat6, Bay Area dance-noise stars Eats Tapes recruited Christoph, sharing the bill as Caltrop with Kid 606 and Strategy.

2006 brought another stand-out remix for the acclaimed Bay Area producer  Mochipet. The Disco Donkey EP on Daly City Records, included remixes by Smash TV, Phon.o, and solid dancefloor cut reworked by Caltrop.

Read our interview with Caltrop.
Photography by Benjy Feen

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